Team Fundraising Opportunity

Designed to help organizations like yours raise funds while promoting sun safety.

Why Choose Australian Gold for Your Fundraiser?


With sunscreen being such a vital part of summer routines, you can feel confident that people will choose to buy from you, knowing they are not only protecting their skin but also supporting your fundraising needs.


We are experts in creating high quality products - and we take skincare seriously. We hand pick every single ingredient and pack a healthy dose of antioxidants into each formula to provide natural, soothing hydration for your skin.


When developing our products, we keep you in mind and strive to offer a range of different applications so you have the best experience while protecting your skin. Our signature Cocoa Dreams fragrance will remind you of warm, sunny days.


Embracing our roots, each product contains native Australian ingredients like Kakadu Plum, which is known to promote collagen production with helping protect from free radicals and Tea Tree Oil, a powerful antioxidant that works to help gently cleanse for smooth skin.


Select Your Team Lead: Designate a team lead who will be responsible for crucial tasks such as completing the application form, distributing fundraising materials, collecting funds, and placing orders. They will oversee the entire process, ensuring seamless coordination from start to finish.


Set Your Pricing: Set your own selling price for the products to align with your fundraising goals. Customize the pricing strategy to meet your organization’s needs and optimize your fundraising outcomes.


25% Back: When your organization sells our sun care products at their regular retail price, you’ll earn an impressive 25% cash back on each sale. If you set your pricing higher you have the opportunity to earn even more!


Make some Sales: Participants will receive a sales sheet and order form to facilitate sales. They can showcase the products to potential buyers, collect orders, and payments. This user-friendly approach ensures a smooth and efficient sales process.


Order Fulfillment: Once orders are placed, products will be shipped directly to the designated team lead. Each participant will be responsible for collecting their orders from the team lead and distributing their portion.

Apply to our Team Fundraising Program now!

    Please allow us up to 5 business days to review your information. Thank you!


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