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The Australian superfruit is touted as being the richest source of vitamin C on earth, and when you factor in the fact that vitamin C itself has potent antioxidant and brightening properties, kakadu plum becomes an ingredient that'll perk up even the dullest complexions. To learn more about this superfruit, its skincare benefits, and how to use it, we turned to the pros themselves. Keep reading to learn all about this magical ingredient.

Normally, we do our best to avoid sunburns. We apply the right type of SPF for our skin, with the right amount, and do so regularly—especially when outdoors and in the water. Still, burns happen. And we know that burns can look different for everybody (some turn a vivid shade of pink, while others feel tighter and itchy). Yet, there's one type of sunburn we can all experience, and it's unfortunately a type that is not very fun: peeling skin.


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