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This $15 Tan Extender Lotion Doubles as a Post-Sunburn Treatment

This $15 Tan Extender Lotion Doubles as a Post-Sunburn Treatment

It’s already a favourite of nearly 1,000 shoppers.

Tanning might be your favourite summertime activity—but basking in the sun isn’t the only way you get that golden summer glow. When you’re hiking, gardening, and taking part in water sports, your skin is targeted by the sun’s rays even when smothered in SPF. So even if you run the risk of getting a sunburn or trying to sunbathe safely this year, your skin’s likely acquired that back-from-the-beach radiance, and it’s understandable if you don’t want to let it go.


The easiest way to make it last? A tan-extending lotion like our Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender. The after-sun treatment prolongs the life of your tan by sealing in moisture and nourishing the skin. This prevents peeling and flaking to keep your golden hue locked down—and reviewers say the effects can last for months.

Our sun care specialists at Australian Gold created the ultra-hydrating formula with sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, and aloe vera. These ingredients work together to trap moisture and leave skin feeling unbelievably soft. But despite its serious hydration benefits, the formula is lightweight and quick-absorbing. In fact, shoppers say it works just as well as an everyday moisturizer as it does a tan extender.


Plus, the tropical-scented pick boasts a surprise addition of vitamin E. The anti-aging ingredient is adored for its ability to replenish the skin’s natural oils and block free radicals. It’s also anti-inflammatory with calming properties, which makes the lotion a great pick for treating painful sunburns.


Along with thousands of perfect ratings, the lotion has more than 900 perfect reviews from customers who agree the tan extending lotion is “worth the hype.” They say the lightweight lotion extends your tan whether it’s from self-tanners, sunbathing, or a tanning salon—one reviewer wrote it kept her tan going for around for 6 months. Plus, users even saw serious sunburns evolve into a golden hue overnight with the help of this silky formula. One avid tanner wrote:


“Save yourself some time from shopping around for tan extenders—this is the one! Smells and works amazing! I tan in tanning beds and invest in spending money at my salon, so I’ve tried many. But this one is hands down the winner! Great price and great results!”


Another agreed it was the best way to prevent the frustration of losing your summer tan:

“I bought this lotion so I could try to find a solution for my fading tan. I think I found it! I love this stuff. It’s not greasy and goes on easily and smoothly. It smells so great—like I am on a tropical island. My tan looks the same instead of fading like it usually does. I plan on using this all summer.”

As if you needed yet another reason to try this tan-extending lotion, it’s also available at an affordable $15 price point that your wallet will love. Considering it’s a moisturizer, tan extender, and post-sunburn treatment in one, that’s a great deal!

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